Outlaw Bottle Opener Multi Tool

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The perfect multi tool should do more than decorate your key chain. It should pry things, scrape things, break things, cut things, screw things, and pretty much anything else you need it to do. Otherwise, you might as well be carrying around a paper weight. Pocket real estate is valuable so choose your everyday carry gear wisely. Vvego’s Outlaw Multi Tool ($25) does all of these things, and it also opens beer bottles.

Each Outlaw Multi Tool was originally issued as a Jet/Turbine Blade for such aircraft as the C-130 Hercules Transport. Vvego, firm believers of properly repurposing retired planes and helicopters, machined the aircraft grade alloy parts into the impressive key fobs you see before you, complete with a scraper, pry bar, screwdriver, cutting blade, and the always necessary bottle opener.

If you’d like to score a free Outlaw Bottle Opener Multi Tool, 2nd Amendment is giving away 2 of these bad boys, along with a couple of Vvault Front Pocket Wallets and T-1 Boot Blades. Hit up their Facebook Page to enter to win.

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