Outset Cast Iron Shrimp Pan

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Bubba Gump was not wrong. Shrimp IS the fruit of the sea, and you most certainly can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, saute it, and so on (and so so on, as it were.) The part he left out, of course, is that it can be kind of a pain. After battling with shells that stick to scorched shrimp, or finding the finished dish tough, chewy, and dry, many backyard chefs throw in the towel. And that’s assuming they even get them off the grill. Shrimp are, well, shrimpy; and shrimpy things fall easily through the grates.

To overcome dried out shrimp, you can try brining them first. To overcome texture challenges, grill over direct medium-high heat, turning once, and keep careful watch so as not to overcook. Carefully spear each shrimp onto an oiled kebab skewer to keep them out of the coals — you’ll lose precious moisture, but what else can you do? Alternatively, you can skip all of that, and snag Outset’s Cast Iron Shrimp Grilling Pan instead.

The pre-seasoned cast iron pan lets you sear up to 22 jumbo shrimp at once. Not only will you save them from falling through the grates of your grill, but you’ll also save their texture by catching drippings in the uniquely-crafted 12” pan that offers the even-heating properties of traditional cast iron. Go straight from the grill to the table with the distinctively designed dish that does double duty as a serving platter, holding heat while it serves and impresses your guests. – Buy It

Outset Cast Iron Shrimp Grill Pan

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