Outset Grill Prep Station

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Just look at that kebab on the ground. Dirt on it, grass on it, ants getting to it. There’s just no wiping it off and hoping no one notices. It’s gone. You think of the care with which you chopped and speared each bell pepper wedge, each chunklet of meat. We’re not saying if you get yourself one of these such tragedy will never befoul your grilling experience ever again. But it’ll make it far less likely.

Made from dishwasher-safe, non-stick and BPA-free polypropylene, the Grill Prep Station is light enough to carry out to the grill one handed. Before you do, load up the skewer notches with all those bamboo speared meats and veggies. Stick a shaker of your favorite spice blend and a bottle of oil or sauce in the side compartment and you’re ready to grill, with kebab fatalities greatly minimized. – Shop Now

Outset Grill Prep Station

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