Overfinch Heritage Field Edition Range Rover

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Sometimes enhancing the classics can be challenging which makes it all the more impressive when a boutique builder nails it. Take this Overfinch Heritage Field Edition Range Rover as a pristine example. Good form.

Everything you expect from a classic Range Rover is here including reliability and comfort. Overfinch Heritage sprinkles in the right amount of elegance without losing sight of the target. After all, your sporting expedition is really only beginning.

You will not find the stock engine under the bonnet of this 1993 Range Rover LSE anymore. What you will find is a very powerful and durable upgrade, a 6.2L LS3 V8 engine from General Motors. This engine is not only bulletproof, it brings 430 brake horsepower to the table. It also pumps out 428 pound-feet of torque.

Overfinch Heritage Field Edition Range Rover

A 6-speed automatic transmission keeps you moving with ease while the luxurious interior provides a cozy sanctuary from the elements. Overfinch Heritage wrapped the original Recaro seats with a posh tan leather upholstery featuring prominent diamond-quilt craftsmanship.

This is not just a slapped together custom Range Rover. Overfinch actually stripped this vehicle down to the chassis to do a complete nuts and bolts restoration with some very favorable modifications. This really is the ideal Field Sports vehicle at your service.

Keep in mind, this immaculate vintage Range Rover features a right-hand-drive configuration in true British fashion. Simply hop into the exquisite driver’s seat and let the 4×4 go-anywhere attitude take over from there. You will find all the modern amenities you want, including a premium Bluetooth compatible stereo system with a subwoofer.

Inside the Overfinch Heritage Field Edition Range Rover you’ll also find a gun and drink cabinet handcrafted from Walnut with Olive Ash inserts. You’ll find two lockable drawers with enough room to hold two shotguns. There is also room for other equipment and accessories to go along with your choice of beverage or refreshments.

Of course, what’s better than celebrating with a fine cigar after securing your big score? Overfinch Heritage thought of everything, even a humidor compartment within the gun and drink cabinet. Scotch and a stogie, anyone? Cheers.

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