Ox All Terrain Vehicle

OX All Terrain Vehicle

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Here at GearMoose, we’ve talked about packable shoes, packable hatchets, packable jackets. But we’re pretty sure this is the first packable truck we’ve come across. Designed and built in Britain as a collaboration between philanthropist Sir Torquil Norman and Formula One race car designer Gordon Murray, the OX intends to bring mobility to parts of the world where infrastructure and reliable transport is hard to come by.

The lightweight trucks have fewer parts for simplified maintenance yet they can carry about twice the payload of most pickups while seating up to thirteen people. Their two-wheel drive design performs as well as four-wheel drive on rough terrain without the added weight and lowered clearance of AWD. The OX can wade into three feet of water and has independent suspension on all four wheels for traction and stability.

And perhaps most impressively of all, it packs down flat. The engine and gearbox go in one crate, while the rest of the truck’s components are folded into its own frame allowing six OXs to fit in one shipping container. Three prototypes have been built, each one improving on the last. And now Shell has partnered with OX to help bring a pre-production prototype to India where the truck will be test in its intended environment, providing innovative mobility to the developing world. See more at Ox Global Vehicle Trust.

Ox Vehicle


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