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Make every journey the adventure of a lifetime while riding the OX Patagonia Electric Motorcycle. Sometimes letting the bike navigate reveals the true freedom of riding a motorcycle. Of course, in order to do that, you need a bike capable of going almost anywhere. You need the Patagonia e-motorcycle if you prefer wandering off the beaten path.

For starters, OX engineered the chassis of the Patagonia specifically for adventurous riding. This includes an increased ride height, more distance between the axles, and a long-travel suspension system. To cap it all off, OX designed the Patagonia to have more of an upright riding position to keep you comfortable. 

On top of all that, you have a 17-inch rear wheel with the e-motor and a 19-inch front wheel, both wrapped with all-terrain tires. Then, for when you really want to explore the world, the OX Patagonia EV motorcycle even features an actual adventure driving mode. 

It only takes five hours to fully charge the battery which provides you with up to 100 kilometers or approximately 62 miles of range. You even have side saddlebags and a small glove box with a USB port under the tank area. Keep in mind, it is not actually a fuel tank since this bike is 100 percent electric.

The OX Patagonia Electric Motorcycle can reach a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour or approximately 68 mph. This is a true all-terrain electric bike from the Spanish motorcycle company, OX. It is priced reasonably with a $7,200 price tag. If you want this e-bike in your stable, you can reserve one by putting $260 down on the OX website now.

As the motorcycle industry is slowly adapting more and more toward electrification, you will begin seeing more options if you want an electric bike. Right now, there are not a lot of options available in the world of off-road adventure bikes that are electric. That makes the Patagonia a true trailblazer in the industry. The only thing missing is you, the rider.

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