Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra

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Who among us hasn’t cracked a cold can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and appreciated its classic flavor? It’s roared back as a cult classic even as craft beer has boomed, and we’re OK with that — the old ways are the best sometimes, and PBR knows this. They also know that, even with a beer as timeless as Pabst Blue Ribbon, there’s always room for improvement and giving something new a try — or a swig, if you will.

So there’s Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra, a new introduction as the brand celebrates its 175th year. PBR Extra takes things up a notch with an ABV of 6.5 percent, a full-bodied beer that’s got more in common with your favorite IPA than with the old-school PBR (although we appreciate both). Add in the fact that the signature PBR can gets a neat, black-focused update, and you’ve got a winning beer on your hands — in fact, you need one in your hands as soon as possible once happy hour rolls around. – Learn More

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