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Black Friday Sales

In a quirky world comes quirky accessories, such as the ever so quirky PanWaffle. Yet in its madness, the realization comes quickly that this might be the best breakfast invention ever made.

The PanWaffle does exactly what the name implies — combines a pancake and a waffle in one delicious morning treat. The pan that creates this one of a kind creation is deceptively simple. It opens to 90 degrees, has a flat surface on one side, and a waffle pattern on the other. Your pancake-waffle mashup will slip right off of the PFOA free non-stick coating when you’re ready to eat. It comes apart easily and fits right in the dishwasher like any run-of-the-mill pan.

Best yet, because there’s no bulk or cords you can take your PanWaffle camping without the need for an outlet, heat mitts, or nonstick spray. Just a little pancake mix – or is it waffle? – Buy It

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Black Friday Sales