Pelican Rugged Sleep Pad

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With experience, you come to understand what is necessary in a camping sleeping pad, and what is superfluous. Ten-inch thick mattress with a foot pump? Probably don’t need. But insulation? An absolute must. No matter how many sleeping bags you pile atop yourself, you’ll still shiver the whole night through if there’s just air between you and the cold, cold ground. 

Pelican’s Rugged Sleep Pad is not only insulated, it’s packed with clever features you didn’t know you needed but will quickly come to appreciate. Like side rails. If you don’t happen to do a vampire impression in your sleep, you’ve likely fallen off your sleeping pad. With it’s raised edges, Pelican’s pad encourages your body to stay up top. 

Lined with memory foam, you get an extra layer of comfort atop the air cushioning, and the whole pad inflates on its own when you unroll it. Plus it has a built-in pillow, weighs in at four pounds, and comes with its own carry sack. We’re giving Pelican an air high five for thinking of everything so we don’t have to. 

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