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Just in the same way we appreciate the small details and care that go into crafting, say, a standout pair of boots or a classic chambray shirt, we also appreciate the difference that comes from tasting something you’ve made entirely on your own — be it a craft spirit or a rich cold brew. The PicoStill is the perfect way to harness that approach for the aspiring distiller or gourmand,

The PicoStill is a premium distilling attachment that works with the PicoC system — the perfect way to try your hand at distilling spirits or infusing foods — and it’s got plenty going for it. It’s easy to use, it’s sleek, and it works to add an extra kick to everything from kombucha to cold brew to craft beer (naturally).

It distills everything from herbs and spices to hops — our personal preference might be toward more hop-forward beverages, but there’s no denying the utility of the PicoStill in conjunction with the PicoC system. Invest in both for a little over $500, then prepare to get plenty of use for years to come out of the PicoStill. – Shop Now

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