Piëch GT Electric Vehicle

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How would you like to experience a GT sports car EV that can charge in less than five minutes while providing you with plenty of range and driving exhilaration? If you dare to make your own statement on the road, the Piëch GT Electric Vehicle is almost here. 

For starters, the all-new Piëch EV features a range of 500 kilometers, that’s approximately 310 miles. It only weighs 1,800 kilograms, or about 3,968 pounds. Basically, this car has a low center of gravity with an engineering design that takes advantage of every opportunity to enhance driving performance.

The end result is a grand touring sports car experience capable of launching you from 0 to 62 miles per hour in under 3 seconds. You also have the kind of handling finesse you expect from some of the world’s most accomplished premium sports car and supercar brands.

With approximately 603 horsepower at your disposal, the Piëch GT EV certainly matches its performance with seductively classic body lines. This is clearly not an attempt at pushing the boundaries of automotive styling into the future. Rather, this is a timeless sports car design’s introduction to the future.

It should last for several generations because Piëch engineered the GT EV with long-term sustainability in mind. They gave the GT Electric Vehicle a total of three electric motors. One of the motors powers the front wheels while the other two motors power the rear wheels. 

Perhaps one of the most challenging tasks when making the transition from a gasoline engine over to the EV world is waiting for your car to charge before you can go. Sure, you can plug it in overnight and it will always be ready in the morning. 

However, what do you do when your day requires more driving than the fully charged battery can provide? That’s the beauty of the Piëch fast-charge design. A standard charger can deliver an 80 percent charge in just eight minutes. If you are in a hurry, just use a special TGOOD charger to get moving in just five minutes.

Expect to see the Piëch GT Electric Vehicle on the road as soon as 2024. It is a gorgeous car to look at but the best seat in the house will always be behind the wheel. This GT from Piëch promises one of the most sporty driving experiences from an electric vehicle yet. Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first drivers to find out what it’s like.

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