Porsche Unseen

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The sleek hardcovers and lively pages of Porsche Unseen would add an often-needed allure factor to any guy’s coffee table or bookshelf. This book features previously unreleased design studies from the legendary German car manufacturer from 2005 all the way to 2019.

Before models are officially released, there are countless unused drafts and prototypes, and they’re all in this attractive tome. It’s like watching alternate endings and deleted scenes of your favorite movies. You know, the ones that were too artistic and not commercial enough, perhaps too experimental, maybe too violent? Here, we get an insider look into several fascinating Porsche could-have-beens.

Writer, photographer, and famed Porsche enthusiast, Stefan Bogner, serves up images of sketches and models, a few of which were even ready for driving. From single-seater roadsters to a coupe-like four seater, Porsche Unseen is a veritable VIP experience.

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