Post-it Extreme Notes

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Get ready for a new world of opportunities to open up in passive-aggressive notes. With Post-it Extreme Notes, thinly veiled anonymous contempt for your co-workers is no longer a privilege available solely to office workers. With ultra-strong 3” x 3” paper and dura-hold adhesive, the strongly worded note that you leave at the job site Friday night about your suspiciously missing lunch will still be there on Monday morning to shame the thief.

Other less petty and more practical purposes abound, with waterproof paper to keep your message clear and adhesive that removes cleanly when you take your note down. Your life doesn’t have smooth surfaces, and the durable glue ensures that you don’t waste any time trying to find one, staying in place on nearly any surface from raw and painted wood to cement or steel. They’re made for the harshest conditions, so keep a pad with your gear or in your bug out bag, and be sure your message stays put when you need it to the most. – Buy It

Post-It Extreme Notes

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