PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

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Does it ever feel like it’s all a bit too much? Keeping up with the bills, the news, the watering/feeding of plants/pets/kids — it can overwhelm the system. A diversionary timeout is in order. Something like this PowerUp paper airplane kit for instance. Attach the propeller module to your favorite folded plane design (four paper templates are also included in case your engineering skills are less than aeronautical), then use your phone to control the roll and pitch of your aircraft to fly your stress away for a bit. 

A full charge (25 minutes) will give you about ten minutes of flight time and the craft has a signal range of 200 feet from your phone. The module is made from carbon fiber that won’t fall apart if (when) you crash it into a wall and the kit comes with a stand so you can display your new motorized plane as a reminder of how to lighten up whenever things start to get heavy.

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