Prodrive Hunter All Terrain Adventure Vehicle

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This buggy puts the boogie in all terrain driving. Introducing the Prodrive Hunter All Terrain Adventure Vehicle, a true go-anywhere beast. The company’s motto should sell you by itself, “where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

It may not be a flying DeLorean, but you will still find the Prodrive Hunter Adventure Vehicle to be a fearless time machine. On your journeys, you will see places where the Earth appears unaffected by modern industry. In the Prodrive Hunter, every type of terrain you could possibly drive over becomes your prey. 

Sand dunes? The Hunter will carve them up like a turkey. From rocky roads to driving through a monsoon, the Hunter is up to the challenge. The twin damped suspension and 35-inch tires plow ahead, eager for you to unleash the Hunter at wide open throttle.

Prodrive Hunter All Terrain Adventure Vehicle

Want even more confidence? The Hunter comes battle tested at Dakar. Prodrive ran the Hunter for over 8,500 kilometers across the Arabian desert to assure you it is the ultimate off-road adventure vehicle. 

At the heart of the Hunter’s performance is a 3.5L turbocharged V6 engine producing over 600 brake-horsepower for your overlanding pleasure. It has plenty of torque too, putting down over 500 pound-feet to the wheels. All of this is built onto a high tensile steel chassis engineered to endure the harshest driving conditions on Earth. 

The Hunter does feature all-wheel-drive, obviously. A six-speed paddle shift gearbox puts you in control while the double wishbone suspension system does the heavy lifting. Inside the cockpit, you’ll enjoy the carbon fiber seats and six-point safety harnesses. Gotta keep that butt in the seat when you’re jumping mad dunes.

Stopping power comes via six pot front and rear calipers with vented disc brakes. As for the exterior, Prodive says you can choose any color you like. There is even a navigation system so you will always know your coordinates when you are exploring the ends of the Earth.

Wilderness beware because it’s open season 365 days a year with the Prodrive Hunter All Terrain Adventure Vehicle. Road Closed signs don’t stand a chance anymore.

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