Prometheus Design Werx Titanium Fire Support Tool

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Fire: Without it, we’d still be in the stone age. It’s had a hand in shaping the entirety of human history, from the first fires in neolithic caves to the fires that drive our internal combustion engines.

And because of its irreplaceable position in our human evolution, sitting around a fire is a uniquely pleasurable and deeply satisfying experience. Starting that fire in less-than-optimal conditions, however, can prevent us from partaking of its life-giving warmth.

Enter the Prometheus Design Werx Titanium Fire Support Tool. Designed to keep fire always within reach, it’s a titanium stash tube that can make your life easier—or just might save it in a pinch if you’re lost in the woods.

One side of the Fire Support Tool holds your fire-making supplies: A ferro rod, strike-anywhere matches, and pre-made kindling. The other holds a barrel-style pencil sharpener that will make shavings from any dry branches you find lying around. Together with an oil-filled compass on top, it’s a do-everything survival tool that no guy should head to the woods without.

Price: $105

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