Proof Volt Parka

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Humans are fickle. We seem happiest at temps between 68 and 82 degrees fahrenheit. But we all can’t live in the South of France. If your life takes place where the weather freezes eyelashes and the words in your mouth, you know all about layers. The Proof Volt Parka deals in many of the tried and true outer-layer materials—down and feathers, wind and water-blocking nylon—but goes one step beyond with a straight-up built-in heater.

If the parka itself can’t handle the brutality of your local winter, flip the switch to turn on three battery-powered heat panels at the back and on either side of your chest. A charged up battery will deliver five to eight hours of core-warming magic so you’ll feel like you’re in Saint-Raphaël even when you’re uphill battling snowstorms in Minneapolis. The battery isn’t included, but works with any of those 10,000 mAh power banks. Which you can use for extra smartphone juice when the weather regains its senses.

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