Pulped Fiction Blood Orange Berliner Weisse

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Sometimes, a beer catches you right away based on its name alone — in fact, it seems like that’s half the fun of being immersed in the craft beer world these days. And when the beer itself offers a daring, bold and yet drinkable take on a classic style? That’s all the better (and all the more fun). With that in mind, the Pulped Fiction Blood Orange Berliner Weisse is the latest beer we’re craving, as it should offer up refreshment and flavor aplenty.

Virginia is a quickly growing craft beer hotbed, and O’Connor Brewing is offering up a punchy and entertaining addition to its rotation. Made with Pilsner Malt and White Wheat, this is a bright and delicious brew that’ll only be available for a seriously limited time.

If you find yourself visiting the area, it’s worth a look — if only to see the seriously cool can design that pays homage to a certain iconic movie (you get the picture). It’s everything we love about craft beer, all wrapped up at once.

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