Punkt MP-02 Gen 2 Phone

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It’s not a smartphone, but don’t you dare call the Punkt MP-02 dumb. In fact, it just might be the most intelligent choice you can make to reclaim a bit of your life from the infinite scrolling that Android and iPhone seem to induce.

Built as a minimalist communication tool, the next generation Punkt phone keeps everything that’s great about the original—i.e., a lack of apps, advertisements, and even GPS—and significantly upgrades its hardware. Now equipped with 4G LTE access, wireless hotspot tethering support, and Blackberry’s security suite, it’s a perfect way to stay connected just the right amount.

To round it all out, the Punkt is covered in smash-proof Gorilla Glass and an abrasion-resistant coating, and its battery lasts for weeks, not hours.

Price: $350

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