Punkt MP01 Mobile Phone

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Do you find it interesting that we still call the device in our pocket a phone? Instagram your lunch, send a Snap, request an Uber, Tweet — none of this is phone-related. For those ready to forgo the bright allure of the pocket computer and get back to using the phone as a means to make a call (and send a text), Swiss tech company Punkt has something for you.

The MP01 has no camera, no home screen, no apps, no browser. But this isn’t some $29.99 burner you got from the corner store. With high-quality, noise cancelling audio, Gorilla Glass screen, glass-fiber body, and a sleek and polished design, the MP01 is something you’ll enjoy using — and easily be able to put away when you’re done. With a far longer battery life, far lower monthly phone bill, and far less time spent staring at your screen, this phone actually deserves that “smart” prefix. – $295

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