Puritalia Berlinetta Hybrid Supercar

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When you plunk down your half mill on a supercar only to see your neighbor pull up in the exact same SF90 Stradale, it’s disappointing at best. Puritalia is aiming to eliminate that awkwardness with hyper-customized hypercars where owner input is non-optional. At its core, the Puritalia Berlinetta is a beauty of Italian design, taking cues from Gran Turismo machines of the middle of last century with long curves, extended hood, and roadster stance. 

Under that elongated hood is a super-hybrid engine configuration that puts out a total of 965 horsepower. The combustion engine is a supercharged five-liter V8 and the electric motor is set up to act directly on the rear wheels. The chassis is also hybrid, with carbon and aluminum creating a light and strong frame upon which to drape the total carbon body. Inside, a fully-connected control system manages everything through a large touch-screen, your voice, or your smartphone. 

To further limit the possibility of twinning with your neighbor, only 150 of these cars will ever be made. The price starts at around $515,000 and in addition to requiring your input on your Berlinetta’s specifications, you’ll also need to be on site at the factory for the moment of first engine fire-up and other key points along the build. They are taking “applications” now — which is to say handing over your half-million dollars doesn’t automatically grant you a Berlinetta. Puritalia is looking for “ambassadors” for their brand, car aficionados and car connoisseurs who will appropriately appreciate the unique specimen they’re getting.

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