Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA Watch

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Will your next watch be digital or analog? New or vintage? Let’s go with all of the above. The Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA Watch is part of Timex’s wildly successful Q series in which the brand pulled out and dusted off designs from their 1979 catalog. Those divers were all kinds of class and brash, looking quite nice and built to take abuse. They headed back into their old designs, this time going forward a few years to a time of big hair and neon, shoulder pads and Miami Vice. 

The Digital LCA Watch is about as 80s as it gets with a blocky digital readout below an inset “analog” dial with digital indices — hence the name LCA, liquid crystal analog. They’ve updated the watch in ways that improve the longevity and performance, such as swapping in a steel case (where the original was likely something less substantial) and adding water resistance. Other areas that could have been updated have been left as-was, like the little push-button single bulb backlight just like those Timex watches from back in the way back. Start practicing your blazer-sleeve roll now. 

“As 80s as it gets.”

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