Q30 Electric Yacht

Q30 Electric Yacht


Picture an ancient dinghy, the outboard motor chewing up the calm of the morning, spewing diesel smoke, looking tatty and bedraggled. This is the opposite of that. Sleek, silent, and Scandinavian, the Q30 from Q Yachts has a hydrodynamically optimized hull made from resin laminated glass fiber with a white gelcoat finish. And at fourteen knots, the all electric engine gives off thirty-five decibels — somewhere between a human whisper and a library.

The electric motor is made by Oceanvolt, a Finnish company specializing in hybrid and electric marine propulsion systems. Their AXC20 engine on the Q30 delivers twenty kilowatts of continuous power, pushing the yacht to a top speed of fifteen knots, with a cruising speed of nine. Battery-wise, you can go with the standard thirty kilowatt hour lithIum ion battery that’ll keep the boat going for forty-two nautical miles or get the optional sixty kWh battery for and eighty mile range.

Controls and navigation run through an app on the boat’s iPad or through optional digital switches if the iPad feels too techy for you. Up on deck there’s a table for four, two seats at the helm, and a sunbathing platform for two in the rear. Below deck, a thoroughly modern cabin has room for lounging and sleeping and comes equipped with a sink and toilet. Get your shower topside on the retractable steel swimming ladder. With its smooth and modern design, silent propulsion, and minimal wake, it’s a yacht water itself would build, but in this case it was built by a Finn. – Learn More

Q30 Electric Yacht


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