Uncharted Supply Co. Quick Deploy Pack Raft

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There are so many pieces of outdoor adventure gear that you don’t think you need … until you absolutely, positively do end up needing them. Take the Quick Deploy Pack Raft from Uncharted Supply Co. (as sold by our friends at Huckberry) — it’s the kind of rugged gear that could come in very handy, and yet you might not know when. Case in point: The brand says the raft packs down to the size of a loaf of bread, which is downright remarkable, and even better? It’s designed to inflate and deploy in under a minute, which can be critical when every second (heck, every millisecond) counts.

The abrasion-resistant nylon should stand up to most tests in the great (and sometimes dangerous) outdoors, and crucially, the Quick Deploy Pack Raft is sized to fit a full-grown adult. And the rest of the time, when you’re not in dire straits, you can enjoy the Quick Deploy Pack Raft for its functionality, durability and quality.

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