R.e.d.d. Energy Bars

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Where to go to get your daily dose of fuel and energy? R.e.d.d. Energy Bars, of course. Available in delicious flavors ranging from Mint Chocolate to Oatmeal, these gluten-free energy bars are like none other on the market, and that’s why you need to consider adding a six-pack to your pantry in advance of your next workout.

They’re packed with 70 percent organic ingredients, all the better to fuel you the right way. And for an extra pep in your step R.e.d.d. Energy Bars are made with 35mg of caffeine (natural, of course), in a way that’s similar to a fine cup of coffee. This is really a dual-threat energy bar, providing a healthy dose of energy and power, whether you bring them on a day hike or fuel up after you hit the gym this winter. – Shop Now

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