Raising the Bar: A Guide to Mixing Masterful Cocktails at Home

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The holiday season offers the perfect opportunity to dust off your shaker tins and practice your home mixology skills. Your friends and family members are the ideal guinea pigs here—and with a guide like Raising the Bar, your experiments are much more likely to yield delighted “yums” than abandoned glasses.

Built on a basic idea—that “Spirit + Sugar + Acidity/Bitterness = Tasty Cocktail”—this cocktail guidebook gives everything you’ll need to know to make cocktails as tasty as those of pro bartenders. It’s practical enough for the home bartender, but offers a great selection of more challenging beverages to really develop your skills, too. Read through it chapter by chapter, and you’ll end up with a strong foundational knowledge of cocktails and a whole new range of drinks to mix up for your loved ones.

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