Razer Project Brooklyn Gaming Chair Concept

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Over the past year, a lot of us spent more time in Midgar and Night City than we did in Olive Gardens and TGI Fridays. We hung out with Zagreus and Cold War zombies more than we did our own friends. So then is 2021 the perfect time to think about an immersive, panoramic gaming chair? Probably. The Project Brooklyn Gaming Chair Concept comes courtesy of the minds at Razer, makers of gaming laptops, gaming peripherals, and even a gamer-directed, focus-boosting drink called Respawn.

Unveiled at CES 2021, the concept chair has a deployable OLED screen that telescopes above your head, unrolling a curved, 60-inch display before your eyes. Inside the armrests, a collapsible table lets you switch between console and PC gaming as needed, while the chair itself mimics and recreates the haptic rumbles influenced by the audio. And of course, it’s comfortable, with a strong carbon fiber frame and high-density foam cushions that make marathon sessions in Tamriel completely bearable. Because, really, where else are we going to go

While it hasn’t been determined when or whether Project Brooklyn will come to market, the company is testing the concept and looking into its feasibility now. And it’ll no doubt influence Razer’s gaming-centric offerings in the future.  

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