Removu R1+

Removu R1+

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How do you see what you’re filming when the GoPro is mounted to your helmet? How do you control it if it’s mounted to your bumper? Or line up a shot when it’s at the end of a long extension stick? You could just hope that you set everything up right and go for it (or use the admittedly iffy smartphone/GoPro app linkup). Better yet, you could get yourself a monitor, such as this one on offer from Removu.

The R1+ is waterproof up to three feet for 30 minutes, dirt and dust proof, comes with a two inch screen and lets you wirelessly control all functions (record, stop and play, plus modes and settings) without having to unmount/remount the GoPro. The three hours of battery life and wrist strap make you a fully-in-control director of your own adventure movie. – Buy It

Removu R1+


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