Retreev Mini Grappling Hook

Retreev Mini Grappling Hook

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We’re trying to think of things to say that do not reference the Batman. (Though to be fair, he wins when it comes to cool everyday carry.) While this will not allow you to ascend nor rappel down buildings, it may come in handy when your drone gets stuck in a tree, or your shoe gets stuck in a tree after you chucked it up there to knock loose the drone. Hanging bear bags or stringing up tarp lines when camping are pretty ideal uses too.

A keychain-ready size, it’s made from 6061-T6 aluminum with an anodized finish (clear or black) and comes with two sets of spikes (aluminum and stainless steel). Carry one set of spikes at a time, housed inside the unit, then when needed, assemble and grapple what needs grappling. It may just come in handy one fine day. Or one dark night. – Buy It


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