Retro Champ Portable NES Gaming Console

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After a long hard day banging your head against the all-encompassing technological chaos that is the modern workday, what could be better than harkening back thirty years or so to play a little 2D, 8-bit, left-right scroller that takes you deep into Dracula’s castle with Castlevania? Or maybe do a little bob and jab to the sounds of 8-bit music and a few rounds of Punch Out. If you’ve managed to keep ahold of your cartridges from way (way) back when, My Arcade has a sleek new way to play them. 

The Retro Champ is a console that can read retro NES (and Famicom) cartridges — Contra, Kirby, Final Fantasy, and all their friends. Use it as a portable device with its seven-inch screen and up to five hours of battery life, or hook it up to your TV via HDMI and pair up wireless controllers (sold separately). If a trip back to a time when games were simple sounds like a great idea, here’s your new toy. Say hey to blocky little Mega Man for us.

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