Revival “Ducati Odioso” Motorcycle

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Have you ever heard of sidecar-cross? It is a form of sidecar-based motorcycle racing combined with motocross. It is relatively unknown in the United States but it is popular in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. To participate, you will need a bike like the Revival “Ducati Odioso” Motorcycle.

You may think the sidecar is the perfect place to play a guitar in an epic Mad Max style scene but you will need your hands to hold on for this ride. After spending a night out drinking, the builders of this very unique bike decided to build a sidecar-cross motorcycle in an effort to show people in the United States what it is all about.

They began with a 1999 Ducati ST4 and got to work. Keep in mind, this is a powerful bike to begin with, especially for a sidecar-cross project. In fact, the team claims this is the world’s very first Ducati sidecar-cross bike. 

In its stock form, the 1999 Ducati ST4 can run a quarter-mile in about 10 seconds. At the heart of its performance you will find a powerful 996cc V-twin, dual overhead cam four-valve engine. From there, the team stripped the bike down, which is what you have to do for a proper build. 

After designing the sidecar, the team decided to relocate the radiator, oil-cooler, and battery to the sidecar. This design made more room for the long-travel KTM forks necessary to handle off-road biking and big air jumping. 

Perhaps one of the most impressive accomplishments on the Revival “Ducati Odioso” Motorcycle is how much weight the team was able to eliminate from the bike. They began with the Ducati ST4 which weighs over 521 pounds but the Revival Odioso tips the scales at just 386 pounds without the sidecar attached. Obviously shedding some weight is ideal when trying to land a big 10 foot jump. 

Even with the sidecar, this 1980s-themed bike still only weighs 480 pounds. Now that you know what sidecar-cross is, the only question remaining is whether you prefer to be the driver or the Sideshow Bob. Just remember to hang on tight if you are in the sidecar. It should turn out to be the ride of your life.

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