Revolution R180 Smart Toaster

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Inch for inch and dollar for dollar I am of the opinion that there is nothing in this world more satisfying than a slice of perfectly toasted, generously buttered sourdough bread. So I’ve noticed something: toasters have not gotten better over the years. If anything, they’ve gotten worse. The hand-me-down no-name toaster I had up until college toasted the pants off the new fangled one I bought a few years ago. 

But finally, someone is bringing a little modern tech to the most humble kitchen appliance. Revolution Cooking’s R180 Smart Toaster toasts bread faster, has an easy touchscreen, and even tells you when to clean out the crumb tray. Because it heats up faster, your bread has less time to dry out, which means the outside is crispy while the insides maintain that chewy texture that’s crucial to a good piece of toast.

It can handle bagels and English muffins, Pop Tarts and frozen waffles, each with its own setting on the touch screen. My personal favorite sourdough comes in a big round bakery loaf, so the R180’s standard-sized slots wouldn’t be able to handle them without cutting them in half first. A small price to pay for a better piece of toast.

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