Ringbrothers Bully K5 Blazer

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As many bowtie enthusiasts already know, the K5 Blazer is a legendary SUV sporting both vintage styling and excellent off-road capability. When a restomod builder decides to take on a K5 project, expectations are always sky-high. The Ringbrothers Bully K5 Blazer is the perfect example of a restomod SUV that meets the highest standards. 

Ringbrothers approached this project the right way. They started by stripping this 1972 Blazer down to its bare bones so they could work on the frame and the guts. From there, there are really two ways a builder can go with a project like this. You can either look to build an all-original model featuring as many stock parts as you can find or you can customize the K5 to be a blend of modern performance meeting classic nostalgia.

For this particular K5, Ringbrothers chose to wax as much potential as possible out of this Blazer. One thing many classic Blazer drivers long for is more power for their 4×4 adventures. There is nothing wrong with that mentality and the Ringbrothers certainly agree with that notion.

That’s why you will find a supercharged 416 cubic-inch LS3 V8 engine under the hood of the Bully K5 Blazer. Along with the 4.5L Whipple supercharger, this LS3 produces a jaw-dropping 1,160 horsepower. From hill climbing or mudding to smashing through snow drifts and sand dunes, there is more than enough power for any off-roading activity in this Blazer.

Ringbrothers Bully K5 Blazer

Firing up the engine is a delight thanks to the Flowmaster 44 stainless steel exhaust system. Ringbrothers built custom headers to connect the exhaust system to the engine. Baer brakes provide plenty of stopping power for when you need to rein it in.

An automatic transmission from Bowler helps you send all that power to the wheels which sport BF Goodrich tires. Although the exterior dons a Bashful Blue finish, there is nothing timid about this K5. The open-air driving experience offers the kind of freedom off-roading should offer everywhere you go.

Inside the Ringbrothers Bully K5 Blazer you will find a fit and finish crafted by impeccable workmanship using premium materials. Even the leather seats, finished in an almost lawn-chair pattern, are perfect for your time under the sun. Of course, the fact that the interior is so easy to wash and keep clean is really only icing on the cake at this point.

This K5 Blazer is a Bully both on and off the streets. It will even Bully itself into your heart but by the time you fall in love with it, you realize Ringbrothers only built one version of this vintage SUV on steroids. If you fail to get your hands on the Bully, you at least know the Ringbrothers are capable of building an ultimate customized SUV to meet your needs in the future.

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