Rinspeed Dock+Go

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Mini cars are, for the most part, a pretty good idea. They’re not the safest vehicles on the market, but they can be easily maneuvered in small spaces, they are good for the environment, and they’re electric, a wonderful thing in a world of four dollars a gallon for gas. The only problem is that they have almost no storage capacity whatsoever. Vehicle design company Rinspeed seeks to solve this problem with the Dock+Go concept. The Dock+Go car is designed with the option to add on a rear storage module that sits on its own axle. When this is bolted on to the rear of the vehicle, it becomes stationary with the car, and provides the much needed storage capacity for a trip of any considerable length. The Dock+Go is still just a prototype, so check out their website for more info.
Rinspeed Concept Cars

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