Robo.Systems 2×2 Ultra Bike

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If you love to ride, the Robo.Systems 2×2 Ultra Bike will allow you to expand your horizons beyond what you ever thought was possible on a motorcycle. This 2×2 Ultra Bike from Robo.Systems features special low-pressure tires allowing you to travel with outstanding cross-country capability over land and water. 

Each wheel is powered by a 1,000-watt, 48-volt electric motor. That’s right, this is an electric motorcycle or e-bike that can pretty much bring you to the ends of the Earth if you are willing to make the journey. You do have the ability to disable either the front wheel motor or the rear wheel motor if you want to operate without two-wheel-drive.

However, the Ultra Bike also features an 800-watt petrol inverter generator that you can remove from the motorbike. There is also a six-gallon fuel tank so you can run your generator when you reach your destination. The Ultra Bike even comes with a power inverter so you can have a little juice wherever you go. 

As for range and charge time, you will enjoy a very quick one-hour charge time to be able to go a maximum distance of 40 miles. The Ultra Bike is lightweight tipping the scales at only 60.7 kilograms or approximately 133 pounds. It can reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour.

Where the Robo.Systems 2×2 Ultra Bike really excels is in its overlanding performance. The Ultra Bike pretty much dominates any terrain you throw at it from snow to sand or even mud. There are even two 50-gallon ballons and a 12V DC charger for a compressor meaning you can make the Ultra Bike float to take it for a little swim.

There is no doubt about it, the Ultra Bike is ready for anything. It feels right at home in the wilderness and it would definitely work in any post-apocalyptic Mad Max film. This is a badass bike. It really is the ultimate off-road adventure bike. 

With customer deliveries expected to happen as soon as the fourth quarter of 2022, it will not be long before you can get your hands on this beastly bike from Robo.Systems. If you feel like exploring the world off the beaten path, the Ultra Bike is perfect for you.

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