Rogue Batsquatch IPA

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What kind of beer do you brew in honor of a folklore legend that’s a humanoid/ape/bat and stands nearly ten feet tall? A juicy, hazy IPA of course. Stalwart Pacific Northwest brewery, Rogue offers its Batsquatch IPA in cans so you can take the brew camping, and possibly share some with the beast should you happen to encounter it in the night.

Hazy IPA, juicy IPA, NEIPA, whatever you like calling it, the style is getting huge (like mythical beast huge) and Rogue’s take on the style uses a bit of wheat and oats for a thicker body, a strain of yeast known for its juicy, fruity esters, and three different hops that bring big tropical aromas. The result is as hazy as the details of Batsquatch’s last sighting and no doubt far more delicious. – Learn More

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