Rogue Fresh Roast Ale

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While it can be tough to put down your favorite all-season brew in favor of something more rich and seasonal, the Rogue Fresh Roast Ale is a great argument for doing just that this season. As the lauded West Coast brewery says, it’s a “dark, bold, roasty ale” — to us, that sounds like the perfect winter warmer this season.

It clocks in at a palatable 5.7 percent ABV, more than fine for sipping around the fire or pairing with a rich stew or chili. Add in notes of coffee and the brewery’s penchant for rarely screwing up a beer, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination in terms of a rich winter beer.

If you haven’t yet tried a beer from Rogue as of yet — a tall order given their accolades — the Fresh Roast Ale is as good a place to start as any this season. We’d say you might even want to put it on your list of New Year’s resolutions (if you’re so inclined, that is). Learn more at Rogue Ales.