Rogue Hot Tub Scholarship Lager

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Lately it feels like big IPAs and trendy “new” beers like goses and sours are getting all the love. The stalwart lager sometimes gets short shrift. And while that may have something to do with its ubiquity, when done right, a lager is exactly the crisp, refreshing brew you want to relax with. Possibly in a hot tub.   

Rogue’s Hot Tub Scholarship Lager will not only make you feel good when you drink it — as all beer should — it’ll make you feel good when you buy it too. A portion of the sales of the brew go into Rogue’s Jack Joyce Scholarship fund. The scholarship supports fermentation science students studying at the University of Oregon (a noble scholarly pursuit if there ever was one) and is named after the Pacific Northwest brewery’s founder. The beer is named both for the scholarship, and Jack Joyce’s favorite pastime — other than founding iconic breweries — relaxing in a hot tub.

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