Rolex GMT Master II Green & Black Left-Handed Watch

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Watch collectors and aficionados know: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) watches are the standard for high class, great looking timepieces. And among the brands that make this coveted style of watch, perhaps none is more highly respected than Rolex.

Oyster steel gives the new GMT Master II Watch a unique look and feel—more substantial than standard stainless steel, and with a subtly etched natural patterning. It’s exceptionally corrosion resistant as well, guaranteeing the longevity of this heritage timepiece.

Paired with a jet black dial for easy readability in any environment, the Sprite-inspired green and black ceramic rotating bezel completes this Rolex’s inimitable style, making it a robust and eye-catching left-handed wristwatch that speaks to sophistication and enduring value.

Price: $11,050

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