Rover 2.0 Wireless Spy Tank

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If you’re looking to do a little reconnaissance at the office concerning your latest performance evaluation, or if you are just wanting to snoop around a bit at home, then give the Rover 2.0 Wireless Spy Tank a spot in your arsenal. Controlled by your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or android devices via an app,the Rover 2.0 features built-in night vision, a speaker, full on-screen controls, and a wide angle lens for snapping images and recording live video footage that can be instantly uploaded to Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter straight from the device. Other awesome features include built-in remote controlled headlights for night time recon operations, as well as a wireless range of up to 200 feet. Just avoid the temptation of sending Rover into the girl’s locker room, as he may return in several pieces.
Rover 2.0 Wireless Spy Tank $150

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