Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stealth Black

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Royal Enfield can lay a few grand claims — like being the oldest continually producing motorcycle brand and having one of the highest motorcycle sales volumes in the world. Now for 2019 they’re offering a blacked out, 4-stroke 499cc street bike, the Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stealth Black. It leans heavy on its dependability and affordability, coming in less than both the Honda Rebel 500 and the HD Street 500 for 2019 and beating both in fuel economy with its 75 mpg (the Harley gets 64mpg and the Rebel 67). Fill up the Classic 500 once and you’ll be 260 miles gone before you need a pit stop. 

Fittingly, the Classic 500 is going for a “classic” 1950s street bike style with a solo spring seat and beefy diecast headlamp and rear fender. With just about every component bathed in deep matte black, the added stealth effect is impressive. You’ll get about 27 horsepower at the 5k rpm mark, enough to get this 430-pound bike zipping down the road. India-based Royal Enfield has a relatively new North American headquarters in Wisconsin, and they’re banking on bikes like this to continue their domination in world sales — it won’t be surprising if the gambit works.

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