Rubber Band Machine Gun

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For every guy who’s ever done that wrap-a-rubber-band-around-your-finger-and-thumb thing and shot it at their nearest sibling, we have the perfect gift to wreak Christmastime havoc with: The Rubber Band Machine Gun.

Hand-assembled from hardwood and outfitted with an electric motor, this heavy artillery of the rubber band war world puts other simple machines to shame. Included in the box is everything you’ll need to launch your next offensive: the gun itself, a stand and bi-pod for stabilized firing, a quick instruction manual that you’ll probably just throw away, and 600 rubber bands. Each pull of the trigger launches off a flurry of bands before rotating the barrel around the central axis, letting you fire upwards of 200 bands at a time.

Lock and load. It’s time to show your family who’s the generalissimo of the holidays.

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