Safehaven Marine XSV20 Yacht

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For 22 years now, Safehaven Marine has been building patrol boats, work boats, and military interceptors that can handle the sea when it gets rough (like eight-meter-waves kind of rough). Seakeeping, or the ability to withstand rough and high seas, is their stock in trade, and one vessel in particular, the XSV20 Yacht can blast through (not just over) big sea waves and come out the other side safe, sound, and ready for more. 

The wave-piercing ability comes courtesy of the forward mono hull with its deep-V structure that transitions to two catamaran sections in the rear for stability. Two fixed hydrofoils add even more rough-seafaring abilities. Specially strengthened to withstand such impacts, and sporting 25 millimeter ballistic glass on the bridge, this is a military-grade vessel. With a top speed of 44 knots, a range of 600 nautical miles (at 25 knots), and crewless operation, this is a vessel that will take you just about anywhere you want to go. And it’s a vessel that you can actually own. For a price. 

If the idea of turning back to port when the skies turn ominous doesn’t appeal, you can get your hands on a XSV20 yacht for about $2.3 million. The original owner, French billionaire Jack Setton, has enjoyed his time conquering rough waters in the Mediterranean aboard the boat he christened Enmer. But now, as he told Robb Report, it’s time for a new owner — someone passionate about boats in general, and extremely capable boats in particular — to take the helm.  

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