Salty Surfboard Coffee Table

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Can a coffee table be a work of art? An outdoor-inspired, cool-as-can-be work of art that draws tons of inspiration (literally) from surfing culture? The short answer is “yes,” and the long answer is that Salty is making the coolest coffee tables we’ve seen in some time — and out of real surfboards, at that. It’s the unique design of Salty coffee tables that pushes this product from being functional and stylish into different territory — that of being heirloom-worthy and eye-catching from the jump, especially if you’re into catching a few waves from time time.

How does the brand do it? Well, it starts with the authentic-as-heck surfboard top, finished with beechwood legs that call to mind mid-century vibes. The top itself is scratch-resistant, so it can act as a perfect coffee table for your beach house or surf shack — and when you just feel like channeling the vibes found in the water, your Salty Surfboard Coffee Table can act as a reliable stand-in (to say the very least). Display your surfing memorabilia with pride for the full effect.

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