Samsung Galaxy Fold

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So the other night you watched an entire BoJack Horseman episode on your phone even though your computer with its full-sized screen was just a few feet away. Why? Because we do things how we want. But maybe you wished your phone screen was bigger, just not so big that you have to buy giant pants to carry it around. Samsung has your new shiny thing.

The Galaxy Fold employs a new polymer layer for the screen that folds completely in half, turning a giant 7.3 inch display into a pocket-friendly size. There’s a screen on the outside for calls, texts and other stuff you do on small screens, while the inner screen takes on gaming, streaming, and multitasking duties with its ability to run three apps at a time.

Does it have a camera? It has six — three on the back (two of which are wide-angle), two inside the fold, and a selfie camera on the front cover. It also has two batteries, 512GB of storage, 12GB of RAM and a new processor to make sure apps run smooth and the display stays responsive. Shiny, new, and yet another reason to do more stuff on your phone. – Shop Now

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