Samuel Adams White Christmas Ale

Samuel Adams White Christmas Ale

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Getting in the Christmas spirit is sometimes all about finding the right beverage — a great craft brew that you can turn to time and again, for instance. The Samuel Adams White Christmas Ale could very well be the beer you need in your fridge to amp up your holiday spirit (in delicious flavor, of course).

Made with holiday-centric spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, plus orange peel, it’s a distinctively flavorful white ale that pairs perfectly with cold winter nights and warm bonfires. It’s also a nice way to spread holiday cheer — who at a holiday party can resist a brew this good? The White Christmas Ale also drinks relatively easy at 5.8 percent — this is no whopping 10 percent ABV double IPA. Sam Adams recommends pairing it with everything duck to baked ham, and if you ask us, that sounds like a mighty nice treat this season.


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