Seinfeld Lego Set

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Aging alert: Can you believe that the pilot episode for Seinfeld aired over 30 years ago now? And the first LEGO bricks came out well before that, almost 70 years ago.

But as with everything in today’s pop culture, old is new again. Case in point: The newest addition to LEGO’s lineup, a picture-perfect rendition of the set of Seinfeld.

With this set, you’ll get to relive your favorite memories from the legendary sitcom as you build Jerry’s brick-walled standup stage, raise the Festivus pole for feats of strength, and run into Jerry’s arch nemesis Newman.

Each scene is lovingly detailed with pieces from iconic episodes, from Elaine’s goldfish in a bag to Kramer’s ill-timed pretzels and more. What else is there to say? If you love Seinfeld, and you love LEGOs, then you shouldn’t live without this LEGO Seinfeld set.

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