Shacksbury Cider

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While the start of fall certainly calls to mind pleasingly heavier, rich brews, it’s also just as appropriate of a time to break out a crisp, refreshing cider.

Make no mistake, Shacksbury Cider isn’t your average big-brand cider — it’s made with care, attention to detail and quality in mind, just like your favorite pair of dark denim or that trusty pair of rugged leather boots you wear on the daily. In fact, both of those staples would go well with Shacksbury Cider’s offering, including the brand’s year-round dry cans (think light and crisp). And more exclusive offerings, like Shacksbury’s 2015 Ticonderoga, combine a limited quantity with techniques more common to other spirits — including aging in rye barrels.

All of these positive qualities have us hankering for a glass of cider in early fall — heck, maybe more than one glass. One last thing: If you find yourself in Vermont, visiting the brand’s tasting room should be on your list. Learn more at Shacksbury.

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