Shinola Bert Zip Brief Tote

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From the outside, briefcases and tote bags have much in common. They’re shoulder bags, not backpacks or slings. They’re top-loaded and convenient for trips to and from work or around town. And they’re a rather classy alternative to the old mesh backpack you’ve owned since high school.

But Shinola noticed something even more similar about the briefcase and the tote bag: Their shapes and designs are darned-near interchangeable. So after a few design brainstorming sessions, voila—the Bert Zip Brief Tote was born.

Cleverly adjustable from a briefcase to a tote bag and back again, and made with Shinola’s signature Navigator leather, the Bert is a handsome and ingenious way to make sure you always have the right carry style for your day. It may very well be the only bag that you need for all of your trips around the city, from the office to the gym to the market and back home again.

Price: $895

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