Shinola Canfield Headphones

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If you’ve followed the growth of Shinola over the past few years, then you’re surely familiar with the brand’s evolution into a full-on lifestyle company, the sort of place where you can get, well, nearly anything you need. That goes for the brand’s expansion into audio equipment, including our personal favorite pick — the exceedingly stylish Shinola Canfield Headphones.

Featuring the type of specs you need in a great pair of headphones (clean, high-quality sound), coupled with the stylish looks you expect from Shinola, the Canfield Headphones could just be the best pair of headphones you’ve ever bought, and that’s saying something.

They’re tuned in balanced in Detroit to fit with the Shinola Sound Signature, something they call rich, warm and expansive. In short, they’re a highly stylish, well-crafted pair of headphones that you’re going to look great wearing — and they’ll sound even better. – $595+

Shinola Canfield Headphones

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